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How To DIY Matryoshka Dolls?

By James Johnson February 13, 2019

The wide range of products that make both entertainment and decor stand out are quite vast. For example, items like wall paintings, lamps, souvenirs, dolls plus more. The preference depends on the user and the importance the item offers to them.

If you have read about Russian culture, you won’t fail to see a mention of the Matryoshka dolls. The main reason is that they are a part of their symbolic culture.

In this article, we will focus on the Matryoshka dolls. Let's find out what they are and how you can easily create one in the comfort of your home.



Matryoshka Doll

What Is A Matryoshka Doll?

A Matryoshka doll is commonly known as a stacking doll, Russian doll or a Russian nesting doll popularly made of wood. The first kind of this doll was created in the year 1890 based on the traditional attire of a woman known as a Sarafan.

A Sarafan is a long free-sized jumper dress that old Russian women wear. Also, these dolls are among the central symbol of Russia.

Another thing that this Matryoshka offer is a unique feature that allows its construction to decrease in size as one is placed inside the other. They can easily separate from top to bottom to show a miniature figure of similar design which in turn consists of another similar item. The dolls usually follow a specific theme based on fairy tale characters.



The price of these Russian dolls can be quite high depending on specific features. For example, a nesting doll can have over 1000 pieces with intricate details making its price more higher unlike one with only three sets. The standard cost ranges from $5-5000.Another reason is the time spent during the creation of these beautiful dolls.

Because of the different price range, some people prefer to make their own. There are online tutorials that show easy to follow steps of a DIY Matryoshka doll.

Others prefer to buy pre-cut unpainted wooden Russian toys from the available online shops. This allows them to put a different stick, burn or paint patterns on their body surface. Let us look at a simple DIY process of a Matryoshka doll by using plastic soft drink bottles.


How To DIY Matryoshka Dolls By Using Soft Drink Water Bottles?

Using Soft Drink Water Bottles

The items you will need include:

1. Eight recyclable soft drink bottles(makes four dolls). For each toy, you need two same sizes of containers

2. Ruler

3. Scissors or cutting tool

4. Small baby milk bottle

5. Iron

6. Paintbrush

7. Mark Pen

8. Clear tape

9. Different coloured paint including acrylic


How To?

1. To ensure your DIY Matryoshka comes out very colourful, use bright and different paint shades. Start by measuring the size of the doll you prefer using a ruler. This helps to create well-shaped designs and different heights. After having the ideal height, cut the top part of the plastic bottle. You only need the bottom portion. Do this for all the eight cylinders, and finally, you will have eight bottom parts. Remember that each toy needs two similar sizes of containers.


Eight recyclable soft drink bottles


2. Melt the edges you have cut using a hot iron. Make sure you do this step with caution to avoid damages and burns. The process of melting the edges helps to smooth out the edges for a polished finish.

Melt the edges you have cut using a hot iron


3. After the parts have cooled off, apply the acrylic paint on the melted portion and also on the whole exterior surface of the plastic bottle. Note that this paint acts as the base for easy application of other colours during paintwork and you should ensure every part of the container is thoroughly painted. Remember the top part of the bottle is never used in this process. One part of the bottom section is for the face, and the other is for the dress part.

apply the acrylic paint on the melted portion


4. Draw the design you desire by using a black stencil. It is much easier to draw lines at first because it makes the paintwork faster and easier.

Draw the design you desire by using a black stencil


5. Using a different colour, like pink, blue, red for each bottle, design the graphics or patterns famous in Russian Matryoshka dolls. This step takes quite a bit of time because of the different body styles, eyes, mouth and little intricate details that need attention and maximum concentration. Wait for a coat of paint to dry off before applying a different colour.


Using a different color


6. You can use marker pens for the eyes, nose and the lips. A favourite colour that makes the lips standout is red. The nose and eyes are usually black or dark brown.


7. After the design process, stick the two bottom parts with the same design and size together, using the clear tape. The purpose of using a clear sticker is to offer a clean and almost natural finish.

stick the two bottom parts with the same design and size together

DIY Matryoshka

    There you go! You have four pieces of beautifully made Russian dolls. For a person who prefers more toys, they should use more plastic bottles. You can fit each bottle inside the bigger one up to the largest. The innermost piece is the milk bottle. When creating these Russian dolls, there is no restriction with colour shades.

    Play around with them and experience different blends all in a similar Matryoshka doll. For example, you can choose a red colour for the biggest toy, blue for the second biggest, green for the third biggest and so on. Another way is to use a concealed string hinge on an individual toy.


    To conclude, the many accessories at home make it more homy and cosy. There is no need to spend a lot of money when you can DIY. If it's possible, shop around and see different parts that create fantastic decor.

    For Matryoshka lovers, they also can have handcrafted dolls. The dolls are becoming more popular in other countries apart from Russia. Ensure you always have the essentials for a DIY Russian toy. Things that should be in your checklist include scissors, cutting tools, glue, clear tape, iron or melting gadget plus more. 

    As you create your Russian doll, you add more aesthetic beauty to your living space bring Russia culture closer to you than you can ever imagine.

    Thanks, You Know what to do!



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