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The world's most lonely killer whale---Lolita

By James Johnson February 23, 2019

Anytime people go to the Miami Aquarium, they can still see a 50-year-old star performing on stage. This old star is not a human being, but a female killer whale named Lolita...


Lolita left the sea freedom in the year 1970 and came to this place, from that time, she has always performed for generations of American children. The first children to see her are now parents with children and grandchildren who are still curled up in the little pool, hopelessly yearning for the sea in childhood memories.

People all over the world have struggled for 15 years in order to help regain their freedom. As a rare artificial captive, but live to this age of killer whales, it still can not leave the aquarium, return to nature, and may even be old,

Loli, known as "the world's most lonely killer whale" Its story, let us start from the beginning...

August 8, 1970, Penn Bay, Washington State, Northwestern United States,

A killer whale family is being driven by a human fleet led by Ted Griffin, the world's most expensive whaling hunter. Their goal this time is to capture the little killer whales in this whale group... The killer whales are very smart. They perceive human intentions and immediately split into two teams. They want to split the human fleet.

Killer whales

However, they did not know that the whaling team had already laid down the nets. After some fleeing, the killer whales found themselves rushing into the dead end of the bay? The target of this group of people is not adult killer whales. The nets they pull up are getting closer and closer, and the young killer whales are surrounded by them...

Pull up the net

Killer whales from 2 to 7 years old are best suited for catching training and sent to training performances.

The goal of the whaling team is to kill these young killer whales and sell them to major aquariums... There is a small female killer whale, entangled in the fishing net, struggling.

a small female killer whale

The mother of the little killer whale tried to break through the fishing net to rescue her child several times. They all ended in failure. It looked at the last look of their child desperately, but closed the valve and sank into the water forever... (A few days later, local reporters found her body near Panwan...) In this way, the little killer whale was sold to the Miami Aquarium by the fleet of Griffin for $20,000 and was named Lolita by the boss


Lolita, who is less than 4 years old, left the sea and was forced to live in a cage that humans built for it. It never dreamed that it would probably be spent here for the rest of his life... Just arrived at the aquarium.

 little Lolita


It was arranged in a pool called the “Whale Bowl”. This “Whale Bowl” performance pool, “Whale Bowl”is the smallest pool in the United States... According to the relevant regulations, the pool that houses the killer whale is at least 15 meters wide, while the “whale bowl” has only a poor 11 meters.

The deepest place is only 6 meters, and the shallowest place is only 3 meters. At that time, Lolita was not yet an adult, and her body was not fully open. She did not feel too awkward at the moment. Although forced to leave the killer whale group, it was sad to find a solace here, it met a partner and lover in the uWhale Bowl"- the male killer whale Hugo...



Hugo is a male killer whale from the -Southern Whales". It was sold to the Miami Aquarium two years before Lolita. Two killer whales who met the same disease met here. They get along very well with each other and soon rejuvenate... During that time, it was the happiest time of Lolita and Hugo. Although forced to live in this small pool, with the companionship of the other half, as if the world suddenly became beautiful, they actively cooperated with the beast, division,

 Lolita was docile and clever, and quickly learned a variety of performance skills. Soon after, it met Hugo to form a double whale combination to meet the audience. They perform together". Well matched... They quickly won the audience's love...however. What Lolita doesn't know is that Hugo is not as quiet as it is in the life of the “Whale Bowl”.




From the first day of the day, it always looks forward to the vast ocean, and Lolita's companion can only alleviate its short-term anxiety. After a long time, it began to scream again and again... Lolita and Hugo are performing in the "Whale Bowl" day after day, year after year for the audience. Hugo has been eager for freedom, and he has no intention of living a little day with Lolita in the small cage of the ''Whale Bowl".

So, in 10 years, they have not bred a descendant...Beginning in 1980, the end of the day's performance, when the night is quiet, Hugo often bangs his head against the wall of the pool, making a terrifying noise... The staff of the Aquarium noticed that the situation was wrong and felt that Hugo seemed to be ill, but could not think of any way...


On March 4, 1980, Hugo, who had been with Lolita for 10 years, died! The autopsy revealed that it died of multiple arterial ruptures caused by cerebral aneurysms... Hugo died. For the aquarium, it was nothing more than a killer. They cleaned up the pool and gave Lori a few days off. Considering that killer whales are social animals and need to be accompanied, the Miami Aquarium has caused two similar Lolita, Pacific Dolphins.

Lori lived with two Pacific dolphins for a while...However, since losing Hugo, Lolita's temperament has changed dramatically. Originally docile, obedient, the performance began to become more and more perfunctory, and even once appeared a picture of the fierce teeth against the little girl..however. All this, outsiders will never know... People will only go to the aquarium to cheer for the wonderful performance of Lolita...



Over the years, Lolita has grown into an adult killer whale, which is 6.4 meters long and weighs 3.2 tons. The "Whale Bowl" pool, which has not been rebuilt for decades, can only accommodate four Lolita bodies. This pool, for Loli, has become a veritable "bathtub"...

However, Lolita will continue to stay in the dark, where she lost her mother in her childhood and lost her lover in her adulthood.


In the "Whale Bowl", it performs two games a day, 365 days a year, and no one day rest... It has passed through day and day with resentment and despair, and the outside world has begun to undergo tremendous changes. In the 1990s, the Internet began to rise, entering the millennium, and social media began to prosper... With the convenience of information dissemination. More and more people are beginning to understand that...

The Miami Aquarium has a 30-year-old female Dolphin Lolita, who can make wonderful performances, but it has been captured by humans. It has been a tool for making money for more than 20 years... In 2003, a documentary film "Lolita: Slave in the Entertainment Industry" reflecting Lolita was born. The film details that Loli was brutally captured, forced to perform, and has been forced to live in a small pool that is only a few times larger than her body... The string of numbers listed in the film is shocking: 32 years, two games a day, all year round... A total of 23,000 performances,

Lolita brings $160 million in revenue to the Miami Aquarium...

After the documentary was aired, it caused a huge sensation in the world. The attention to Lolita has spread to Europe and Australia, and people all over the world are angry... The group represented by the animal protection organization has launched the "Lolita Freedom" campaign. People unanimously denounced the Miami Zoo. Lolita was forcibly captured at the Miami Zoo for more than 20 years. As a human marine mammal, it has been a rare longevity, but it has been violently crushed by the aquarium, living in the worst environment, and close to the old age. Not free! This massive action lasted for several years.

The pressure of public opinion is increasing day by day. Some people directly yelled at the owner of the Miami Aquarium and asked him to "return Lolita Freedom". However, the boss's reply is: "It is my legal property, and your proposal is not interested in Laozi...” Since it’s useless to say good things, then I have to take legal action.

In November 2011, Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), animal PETA, together with three individuals, jointly prosecuted the National Marine Fisheries Service NMFS. Requiring it to terminate the act of "excluding Lolita from the Endangered Animal Protection Act

(NMFS has issued a decree to protect endangered killer whales, including the "Southern Whales" where Lolita's dead spouse Hugo is located because Lolita does not belong to this population because of the Miami Ocean. The museum has a legal basis to continue to house it).

After that, they further sued the Miami Aquarium for illegal and endangered animal protection law Accompanied by legal action. People have also set up a website to keep an eye on the actions of Lolita.

Netizens also launched a massive action on the Internet, "also Lolita Freedom" (#FreeLolita,s label is active on Twitter several times)... however. All actions must finally wait for the result of the legal decision...On March 18,2014, the judge announced that the ALDF and other agencies jointly sued the Miami Aquarium for violating the Endangered Animal Protection Act.

From the first "Save Loli" in 2003, this action has been going on for 11 years, and people who love Lolita all over the world still have not given up. . . On January 17,2015, opponents from all over the world came to the door of the Miami Aquarium and shouted slogans, demanding "release of Lolita." In the crowd, even many adults have seen Lolita performances in their childhood.

They said that after learning about the tragic experience of the aquarium killer whales in their adulthood, they felt embarrassed that they had come to watch the show. They even called for a boycott of the aquarium and rejected animal shows! In February 2015, people seemed to see a glimmer of light. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA issued a statement:

The killer whale population where Lolita used to have recently been included in the list of endangered animal populations... However, lawyers who study the relevant bills say that because Loita has long been captured by humans, it is not part of this population that lives all year round. Therefore, Loita, who lives in the Miami Aquarium, is still protected from the Law on the Protection of Endangered Animals.

People still can't save Loli by legal means... In the blink of an eye, three years have passed. Lolita in 2018 is already a 50-year-old killer whale. Most of the captive killer whales have an average life expectancy of only 30 years old... All the members of the killer whale family where Loli was in the past have passed away, leaving only one of them." Today’s Lolita, known as ttthe world’s most lonely killer whale" ....


In March of this year, Miami’s largest Indian tribal chief again called on Twitter “Let Lolita return to nature is a sacred obligation!" "The leaders of the Lommi Department have called on the Aquarium to abandon the Lolita in the future and let it return to the Bay of Pennsylvania forever. If they can, they will spend millions of dollars. Although there has been no action so far, everyone has started. Apply pressure again." This call once again ignited the fire of hope that people saved Loli. Now, the action to save Loli is still going on!

This is an old fight, people: the battle for self-sway. We know the appropriate response and the science has sponsored us on this one. Free Lolita and free ourselves. I hope that Lolita will return to her hometown in the rest of her life and return to the ocean where she has been free to swim.

“It’s not enough to just live. You should have sunshine, freedom and a cute little flower!" -Andersen







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