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Best Laminator Machine Review - Eficentline YE381

By James Johnson April 13, 2019

Best Laminator-YE381

YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine for Home/Office/School Use

Do you want to protect your documents from getting spoilt? Are you thinking of starting a business that deals with lamination of clients’ documents? If yes, then you need to acquire a laminating machine.

A laminating machine prevents your essential documents from getting spoilt by covering both sides of the paper with a protective plastic layer. Heat binds the layer and offers additional strength and durability of materials.

If you need to acquire a laminating machine you should understand that the devices are classified according to their lamination processes.

Some of the advantages of having a laminating machine are that the documents are easy to clean and they last relatively long as compared to other non- laminated documents.

If you have limited experience dealing with laminators you should know that there exist many of them depending on sizes and functions. You should look for the machine that will perfectly suit your needs.

Laminators can be classified into two types namely the hot laminating machine and the cold laminating machine.

The hot laminating machines are of two types namely the pouch and the large film one.

In hot laminating machines, the heat is used to heat the laminate to seal the two sides of the document together.

In the cold laminating machine, the laminate is activated through the application of pressure that seals the two sides of the papers. The cold laminating machine is used to seal items that are sensitive to heat such as ink jet print and carbon copies.

The operation of a cold laminator differs with that of a hot laminating machine. There are many laminating machines out there in the market and to determine the best one for use, you need to do proper research.

One of the best laminator in the market today is YE381 thermal laminating machine. The machine is ideal for use in school, home and office. The device comes with an instructions booklet which gives details and instructions on how to use a laminator.

Some of the key features that make YE381 machine to stand out include the following:


1. - Operating the machine is easy

YE381 machine is simple to use when you follow the right procedures for powering the device. One of the main factors to think about is the dimensions of the paper and the size of the laminating material to be used. The aspects need to be approximately equal in length.

To operate the machine:

1.1. switch it on the right side of the device, you have selected hot mode.

1.2. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the device to preheat, indicated by a green light.

1.3. Laminate your photos or documents, and shape the corners to your desire

Operating laminator

2. -YE381 machine comes with 20 pouches for use.

One advantage of the laminator is that it is compatible with various sizes of laminating pouches. The size of a laminating pouch can vary from that of a business card to that one of an A3 paper.

YE381 machine operates very fast and is suitable for use at home, office or school. The device operates efficiently to protect all your important documents which may include certificates, photos, presentation materials among others.

YE381 machine consists of 10 pouches specially designed for A4 papers and the other ten pages for A6.

The 5 in 1 laminator comprises of incredible features such as a corner rounder and a paper trimmer made of three unique patterns. The double roller design enables the machine to operate at a speed of 250 mm per min making it efficient.

The device also works smoothly with no noise making it ideal to use in an office set up. People who need a quieter environment for a study will not be affected by the operations of YE381 machine.

double roller

3. -The machine comes with an ABS button to prevent paper jam

YE381 machine has simple operating processes which anyone can learn within a short time of introduction to the device.

In case a problem occurs, and a paper or a pouch gets stuck, you can press the ABS button which will automatically remove the stuck pouches or the documents from the laminator.

The ABS button is made in such a way that its operation will not affect the laminating machine.

ABS button

4. -The device also comes with a 3 in 1 paper trimmer

The paper trimmer is designed uniquely to provide safety for the user while also maintaining the quality for its effectiveness.

YE381 comes with three cutting patterns which including perforated pattern, straight pattern, and wave.

For the effective cutting operations, the machine has nice grid lines and a removable metal bar. The device also has a removable corner round that facilitates the cutting and designing of beautifully rounded corners which can be ideal for photo papers.

The shaping of the papers with a corner rounder is natural. The article is inserted in the corner rounder and pressed hard so that the blade can cut the papers. The machine also has a cutting blade that is adjustable to suit the operator's needs.

Cutting of a document with the cutting blade is a simple process. You are required to place the paper in the right position, press the cutting blade downwards as you slide it across the paper.

When the edge is damaged or blunt, the operations of replacing the blade are simple. You are supposed to remove the cap and to take out the guarding rail. The blade located inside the guarding rail can then be replaced by a sharp edge that will facilitate the cutting operations.

The procedure for the reinstallation of the guarding rail can be repeated, strictly adhering to the right way and finally putting the security cap.

paper trimmer

5. -YE381 machine comes with temperature controls.

The temperature controls installed help to protect the machine from damage. The device consists of a 2-roller heating system. It incorporates both the cold laminating operations as well as the hot lamination operations.

The in-built 2-roller heating system is an advantage since the machine is adjustable to allow the lamination of heat-sensitive items such as carbon copies.

The intelligent temperature control in YE381 device detects the safety levels of heat automatically and readjusts accordingly. The readjustment helps to prevent the machine from heat damage thus increasing its durability


Eficentline YE381

Great for a home office or crafting area!

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