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Bozwana, located in the Kalahadi Basin in southern Africa, is rich in diamonds and rare metal minerals and is one of the most affluent landlocked countries in Africa.

There is another nickname here: "African elephant's last paradise". If you want to see the African elephant, it is not wrong to come here.

African elephant

According to statistics from 2007, there are 300,000 elephants in 14 countries in southern Africa, and about 155,000 in Botswana, accounting for more than half.

In September, scientists from the non-profit conservation organization Elephants Without Borders conducted a census of elephant populations in Botswana.

Just halfway through the census, they have discovered the bodies of 87 elephants, and these elephants have been hunted in these weeks!

Death elephant that lost ivory

Their ivory was all dug away, apparently after the bloody slaughter of the hunters, and then savagely removed the ivory.

In an interview with the BBC, the investigators said: "We are all shocked that such a scale of poaching is rare in Africa, which is one of the most serious mass poaching events in Africa."






At the beginning of 2018, China released an important news to the world:

"Since January 1, 2018, ivory processing and sales for commercial use have been completely banned in China."

When the news was released, all the people concerned about wildlife protection were very happy. The largest ivory trading market had finally had laws and regulations as a powerful means, and the local anti-poaching efforts in Africa are coming. 

Everyone believes that if Africa is poached and is on the verge of extinction, it will definitely improve.
Machine destroys ivory
However, it turns out that the ivory market still exists, not in the underground, not in China, but also in other countries.

Huge amounts of interest have led poachers to start hunting deeper and harder to find, and this time they are targeting Botswana, which is supposed to be a tourist area.

Botswana, like other African countries, has an anti-poaching team of nearly 800 people. In the past few decades, law enforcement officers have been able to enforce the same policy for poachers.

But in May of this year, I don’t know why the government’s anti-poachers were no longer armed.
Dead elephant
How can the unarmed anti-poaching team and volunteers dare to confront the poachers with guns?





Anti-poaching has always been a work that can be sacrificed at any time.

Roger Gower, a British pilot who is working on wildlife conservation in Tanzania, was wounded by gangsters with AK48 while tracking poachers who hunted elephants.

Roger Gower

Although he tried to control the helicopter to land smoothly, he eventually died because of the invalidation of the rescue.

Esmond Bradley Martin, the world's leading researcher on the illegal trade in ivory and rhinoceros horns, was killed at home in Kenya at the beginning of this year.
Esmond Bradley Martin

The number of knives on the neck is like a "bad" robbery, and the truth is still unknown.

In the documentary feature "Ivory Game" produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and presented by Prince William, such an elephant caretaker, Wayne Lotter, appeared.

He has been carrying out anti-poaching activities in Tanzania throughout his life, fighting smuggling of ivory and saving the protection of wild animals.

Wayne Lotter

However, in the ninth month after the film was released, Wayne Lotter was intercepted and shot by the criminals on his way to the airport.

The luggage and belongings on the body are still intact. Only the notebooks that store a lot of poachers' sensitive data are missing...

According to statistics, more than 1,000 forest rangers, childcare workers and members of anti-poaching organizations have been known to have sacrificed in the past decade.

However, the number of victims who have not been recorded may have reached 6,000.





In "Ivory Game", there is such a Chinese boy named Huang Yuxiang.

Huang Yuxiang

As an undercover investigator, he played the "Chinese buyer" of ivory and successfully helped the police to arrest the smugglers of wild animal products.

In early 2014, the LAGA Wildlife Law Enforcement Organization focused on a smuggling smuggler in Uganda, the "big brother" who participated in many international ivory smuggling crimes.

Prior to this, they had sent an African investigator to help Asian businessmen buy ivory scorpions to contact the "big brother". "But this smuggler is very embarrassed, he does not believe this African undercover."

In contrast, smugglers have very different attitudes toward the Chinese. Whenever the Chinese appear, they seem to see the mobile wallet.

Ivory products

So LAGA contacted Huang Yuxiang, hoping that he could be the undercover of this action. Before leaving, the staff watched Huang Yuxiang very nervous and gave him a bottle of pepper spray.

"I was looking at this bottle of pepper spray, and my heart was a little broken. If he (smuggler) shot at me, this bottle should not be of much use. But very lucky, this person believes me too much, so that when the police appeared He is completely stupid." Huang Yuxiang said.

This is the most well-known story of Huang Yuxiang, and was taken into the documentary "Ivory Game".

Ivory game




And such undercover action, Huang Yuxiang participated in dozens of times before and after.

Every time he sets his own false identity in advance, he also faces considerable dangers with smugglers.

There are often smugglers who suddenly grabbed his bag and opened the check. Even once, the camera was hidden in the bag. Fortunately, some sanitary napkins were placed on it to make Huang Yuxiang pass away.
You may not have imagined that such a character like "Agent" would have been a high school student who should become a gold collar:

In 2011, I graduated from Fudan University School of Journalism and went to Columbia University to study for International Development. She is the only one of all graduates who has received the offer of the world's top consulting companies.

Near graduation, Huang Yuxiang was a bit stunned. He found that he, like many Chinese students, had a little understanding of developed countries such as Europe and the United States, but he knew nothing about developing countries, lacked a real international vision, and lacked interesting life experiences.

Until one day, he saw a project recruitment information.

At that time, Jinshan University in South Africa had a “China-Africa Reporting Project”, requiring applicants to have 3-5 years of work experience and not specifying the specific content of the project. Huang Yuxiang had no work experience at the time, but his love for wild animals and his yearning for the African savannah still left him with a resume.

He did not expect to be "passed."

Protect the elephant

The real content of this project is actually an in-depth investigation and report on the trade of the target teeth and rhino horns for a period of three months.

When he arrived in Africa and began to contact the wild insurance, he found that the African savanna was not the same as he imagined. The wild animals were suffering from the catastrophe, which made him shocked, so he decided to stay and do something.

So three months became a few years, wildlife protection became his life's love, even at his own risk, became an undercover investigator.





Combating poaching and investigating smuggling itself is a very dangerous action, not to mention being an "undercover". Once the identity is exposed, it will immediately be concerned by smuggling groups and poaching groups. Not only is the undercover career ruined, it is more likely to be the object of retaliation.

But in "Ivory Game", Huang Yuxiang insisted on not coding.

When Huang Xiaoxiang first arrived in Africa, he had been to the “ivory market” in Mozambique. The hawkers there saw the Chinese people shine their eyes. They took out the “good goods” they hid in the box and shouted in fluent Chinese. Road: "Ivory! Rhinoceros Horn!"

Ill of ivory

Although only 0.1% of people in China have purchased ivory products, the base number is too large. In the eyes of people all over the world, the Chinese market is protected by wildlife. It is a demon-like flood.

When the director of "Ivory Game" communicated with Huang Yuxiang, he said something like this:

"You know, there are so many films in the world about ivory trade. If you go to see, you will find a very simple fact and prejudice: in the film, whites are always good people, investigators, Africans, blacks are bad people, they are the ones who kill elephants, and Chinese are the worst people, because they are people who buy ivory and stimulate the trade needs of evil ivory. But I want to make a different one. The documentary, I want to reflect from my perspective that people of different races have heroes who defend the lives and freedoms of wild animals."

Huang Yixiang has been involved in the cause of wildlife protection since the beginning, because his heart has always had such a belief:

Since the Chinese are part of the wild insurance issue, the Chinese should also be part of the solution.

Why not convey this belief to more people, tell the world, wildlife protection, the Chinese have never been outside!

So he resolutely decided to participate in the filming without mosaic, not for anything else, just to change the prejudice of the world.

"If there is a Chinese who can stand up in this ivory battle, the situation will be different. You will know that the Chinese are on the side of justice."

The film was released at the end of 2016 and won the attention of the whole world. It was also nominated for the 2017 Golden Satellite Best Documentary Award. In the numerous media reports and netizens' forwarding, the ban on the ivory products in mainland China was finally promoted.




Since the documentary was broadcast, countless media have reported on his story, "abandoning high-paying jobs," "rising life to undercover", "China 007" and so on have been given to Huang Yixiang.

However, 29-year-old Huang Yuxiang does not like such a label, he said, he is just doing "things of his own interest."
29-year-old Huang Yuxiang
Huang Yuxiang said: "I went to participate in many international and wildlife conservation activities in Africa. Everyone is discussing China. However, I can't see the second Chinese in the venue. As for NGOs, civil society and other organizations, it is even more It’s hard to see the Chinese."

Wildlife protection has never been the responsibility of one person, and the young Chinese people who have the courage to shoulder the responsibility of the world will not stop buying wildlife products.

With this in mind, Huang Yixiang founded his own agency “Zhongnan House” and continued to work on animal protection and assistance programs in poverty-stricken areas. Every year, he brings nearly 100 Chinese youth overseas to help Chinese young people join projects such as Indonesian Orangutan Protection, African Female Circumcision and Tanzanian Turtle Protection.

Assistance programs in poor areas

From investigating as a reporter, to being an undercover person, and encouraging more people to join,

Huang Yuxiang’s direction of action is straightforward. The only thing that remains unchanged is his initial heart.

Protecting our endangered creatures on this planet.

Looking back at the dangers I have encountered and the difficulties I have experienced, Huang Yixiang has always felt that those are not worth mentioning, because all the efforts and time that I have loved are worthwhile.

Doing one thing is not to see if it is difficult or dangerous, but to see if it is valuable.

For yourself, for others.





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