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The love of the white couple touched the world...

By James Johnson February 23, 2019

About Klepetan and Malena

In Croatia, there is a small town called Slavonski Brod, which is the home to a famous "father and daughter". The Father happens to be a kind old man by the name Stjepan Vokic, and his adorable daughter Malena, a White Stork.

Stjepan Vokic

The town happens to be an ideal habitat for a lot of birds.

 Slavonski Brod

At this point, it’s ok to ask why people are paying special attention to a white Stork and its human father. The reason is rather a touching but romantic kind, it is partly because the white-haired daughter, for more than a decade, has been in an extremely touching and romantic love relationship.

The old man Vokic is a staunch supporter and has been a witness to the white-haired daughter’s love relationship.

He went ahead to record the entire love story, just to help the world have an understanding of this special kind of love that has lasted for more than a decade.

 All this started more than 20 years ago, on a particular day in 1993, a female white pheasant was hit by a bullet fired from a shotgun, and she fell from the air to the ground.

She struggled for a long time before she eventually grew very weak. Vokic happened to be passing by when he saw a seriously injured and covered white female Stork.

The sight of the bloody white Stork made him feel extremely sad, so he decided to take her home for treatment and help aid her recovery.

Vokic whiteness gradually recovered health

After he carefully took care of the wounded bird, the female Stork gradually became stronger and eventually recovered its health.

However, her wings, which was hit by the bullet became permanently disabled, in turn, she forever lost the ability to fly long distances.

White Storks are originally migratory birds, when it was winter, they would migrate to the warm south for the winter, after the winter, they would then return. Vokic officially adopted the white pheasant as his daughter and named her Malena.

He loved his daughter very much and built a nest on the roof to make her live comfortably.

Built a nest

He usually takes her out from time to time for a ride.

He usually takes her out from time to time for a ride

During winter, Storks usually migrate in groups to the south, but Malena, Vokic's daughter, is unable to join other similar birds to fly to the south due to her disability. So Vokic would put her in a house and put some fire to keep her warm.

As days grew into weeks and weeks into months, and months into years, it was just one bird and one father, and for about eight years, the father and daughter lived together happily.

One day in 2001, Malena's father, Vokic went to the roof to feed Malena, but suddenly found something that surprised him; his daughter was "in love". On the roof, he found a white male stork in the daughter's nest.

a white male stork

This majestic fellow seemed to love his daughter, Malena very much. It would always stay in Malena's boudoir. Why wouldn’t he just go?

The father asked himself. Vokic’s daughter had become an adult; Vokic eventually came to terms with this reality. He then decided to welcome and accommodate the soon to be son-in-law and named him Klepetan!


In this way, the daughter would begin her own family, and with a son-in-law next door, the family has one more member. Since then, they've both been a beautiful couple and a pair of very affectionate lovebirds.

Vokic became even happier when something happened.

He wasn’t expecting it that soon. Guess what happened?

little babies

Daughter and son-in-law had crystallized their love; they gave birth to a nest of little babies! Vokic became as happy as a grandfather.

he feed the grandchildren himself

Every day, Vokic would climb to the top of the building to feed his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.

As days go by, the white babies were rapidly getting older, sometimes the daughter, Malena would be too busy, and Vokic would do it himself. That's correct; sometimes he would feed the grandchildren himself with some fish.

Vokic also did it himself and fed the fish to the grandchildren.

He continued like this, from spring to summer, from summer to autumn.

The children grew up day by day, and after they reached adulthood, they left home one after another, leaving only the parents Malena and Klepetan.

However, like a migratory bird, the migration instinct that has evolved over 10,000 years and is deeply rooted in the gene had continued to tell Klepetan that time was up, that it was time to join other similar birds to head south. 

 it was time to join other similar birds to head south

Despite all the love and romance, Klepetan is still unable to resist his instinct to begin his migration, after a major struggle and being at crossroads between obeying the instinct which was telling him to leave and join the migration, or follow his heart and stay back with his loving wife Malena, to keep her company and comfortable, due to the fact that she was disabled and obviously won’t be able to join him for the trip. 

He eventually takes a very difficult decision based on instinct and bids his wife farewell as he flies. Despite how they lived as husband and wife, and together were able to raise a nest of children, the husband has been driven away by his natural instinct. Malena became heartbroken and very sad; she wouldn’t eat or drink for a couple of days.

Her father Vokic, looks at his daughter's situation, and this makes him become very sad. He then decides to do everything he could just to make his daughter forgets about her love.

under the care of Vokic

On a beautiful morning during spring, Vokic heard a familiar call on the roof, it was Klepetan! He was back!

Klepetan is back

Malena and Klepetan meet again.

They couldn't help themselves. They snuggle and talk about endless thoughts. This was a pleasant surprise and a happy family reunion.

a pleasant surprise

Klepetan would fly from Croatia to distant South Africa in the winter. In this route he would have to cross half of the earth, about 13,000 kilometers, he would remain there until the next year, when spring blossoms, then they begin to fly back, This is based on their instinct and nature, which is usually transferred genetically from one generation to another.

Under normal circumstance, Malena should fly to the south together with Klepetan, but she has to stay in the north because of her physical disability.

However, no one imagined that Klepetan, who was unable to go against the instructions engraved within his genetic code, even after he had submitted himself to the driving of nature, would after spending a long vacation abroad, come back to his lover and wife Malena! He always had Malena at heart, and even while he was away, he had it at the back of his mind and he never forgot the fact that wherever Malena is, that is his home.

It will always remember that where Malena is, it is its home...

After the reunion, they both raised new babies. As soon as the babies grew and flew away, the couple once again ushered in separate moments.

Starting from the first time, Every time Vokic wanted to leave, Klepetan will stand on the top of the road monitor and sing; he also had a habit of looking back continuously while he was at it, as if bidding farewell to his lover, Malena, this would continue for three days.

Klepetan will stand on top of this road monitor

After three days, Klepetan would become reluctant to leave; he would be left in the same crossroad like the first time. And every time Klepetan left, Malena would be very sad, in fact, she may not be willing to eat food for up to ten days.

Malena's father, Vokic, would always be there for her, and he would help her through the storm.

Year after year

Year after year, this cycle continues where Klepetan would leave during winter to South Africa and come back during spring to his home and wife, Malena.

She would have to spend the rest of the year alone in their migratory form of love. They’ve been like this for more than 16 years! Klepetan would leave home but would find a way to return to meet the love of his, Malena.

He would cross the mountains and rivers, experience countless difficulties and obstacles, but his heart remains in Slavonski Brod, where Malena lives, there he finds the lover of his life, Malena, Vokic, his kind father-in-law.

Gradually, there is a growing number of people who have heard about the love story of the couple. A few years ago, the media reported this story, and Klepetan and Malena became the bird couples of Croatia's attention.

This story has also touched so many netizens around the world.

According to Vokic, many netizens have come to his home to see his daughter Malena and his son-in-law Klepetan. People from several parts of the world like South Africa, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and even the United States have come to see these two lovebirds, Tourists in Croatia are usually concerned with whether Klepetan would successfully make it back to the country after flying through all the huddles and countries in Africa and Europe, for 16 years Klepetan has not failed.

This beautiful story is quite an emotional and touching one, Ws also worth preserving. The board in charge of tourism in Croatia has gone ahead to develop an animated clip for Klepetan and Malena.

Klepetan and Malena

In 2017, Klepetan left the entire nation worried, by the end of March he was still not back from his trip, Vokic and Malena had been waiting for him for over two weeks, he usually didn’t stay that long before returning, in fact, sometimes he comes back earlier than usual.

There was a sigh of relief when he appeared on the 30th of March; this was a course for celebration for Vokic, Malena and thousands of other Croatians who have been following this love story. Prior to Klepetan*s arrival, Vokic had already concluded that something had happened to Klepetan.

In order to let Klepetan and Malena's love continue, Vokic made a pen with Klepetan's feathers. He wrote a long letter to the President of Croatia, in which he asked the President to improve the decree and protect the beautiful and affectionate creatures of the day.

Vokic hopes that after the story has caught the attention of the world, People can be more kind to the couple, don’t shoot it on the way to Klepetans migration. Let the beautiful love of Klepetan and Malena continue year after year.

In conclusion, the story of Malena and Vokic is a very wonderful story and has a number of lessons to teach. Cruelty to animals is unfair and should not be encouraged. Showing some little kindness, even to animals will certainly come with some form of fulfillment.

Animals have a mind of their own, they have feelings too, and they also have a right to love and to be loved. You’ll find it’s amazing, that when Klepetan leaves, that Malena would lose her appetite. This form of response goes further to show how sensitive animals can be.

On Klepetan’s own part, there are thousands of other storks he could meet on the way, he could fall in love with any of them, but he’s remained faithful to Malena, has shown integrity and commitment, selflessness and sacrifice, no matter what he faces and how far away he goes, he ensures that he comes back home to Malena, this is true love.

As human beings we ought to learn from this two lovebirds, frankly, they should be the ones giving us lectures on how to build and maintain successful relationships, seeing they've been doing this for over 16 years.







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