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1. My dad ones took me to a zoo when I was a little child. The zoo had a lot of animals, they were wild animals and were very different from my home pets, that is my pretty dog and cat.

The zoo animals were caged and were a bit bigger. Some looked fierce and scary whereas others were quite friendly. This one occasion made me believe that all wild animals live in a zoo, and that's their residence. This had been my belief until I grew up.

Being in a zoo could be a lovely experience, and life in there looks quite comfortable and beautiful. Imagine being issued with fresh food whenever you are hungry on a daily basis. As if that is not enough, those who come to visit also give food to the animals through the cage holes.

These animals could be having a nice feeling as people from all walks of life take pictures of them on a daily basis for a whole year. However, it could be so annoying when some visitors yell at the animals when the animals decide to face during photo taking.


But why do they have to be caged and protected by humans? Show to humans? Why do tigers jump over the ring of fire? Why are elephants riding by humans?

Is this their original life? Surely not!



wooden clock

- 2.Some time back, when I was still young, my benign dad decided to purchase a hinged wooden clock. The clock was ever inaccurate because it had been set five minutes earlier than the average time.

However, this was to our advantage since it made me arrive at my destination five minutes more prior; I also completed my duties five minutes earlier. This made me punctual and saved much of my time since time wasted can never be recovered and did I say that time is money? It surely is.

Our wooden clock was bought at a very affordable price, and it has lasted for over 30 years, and it is still working to date. Whenever we relocated to a new home, dad carried it along. He never left it behind. However much it got worn out on the outside, it was still working correctly. Dad never let go of his wooden clock.

He kept saying that the crispy sound made from the watch by 12 o'clock reminded him that it is time to retire to bed. I have never repainted this wooden clock left to me by my dad only because Iwant to grow grey and old with it. We call this friendship.

Ever since I was a toddler, I have lived to love wood and anything related to it, not because I am a carpenter but because my surrounding has a lot of trees and items made from timber.




kamaka ukulele

 -3. My father is an environmentalist, he plants plenty of trees, and the fruits from some of them attract animals that come to feed on them. I never let my pets bother these animals that come to feed on the tree products.


Trees are very significant to the surrounding since they purify the air we breathe because he releases oxygen during transpiration. Besides that, they break wind and trap dust.


Asthma was a common disease when I was young. I was asthmatic and got attacks often, but with the many trees planted the air around got purified with time, and exhaust fumes released to the surrounding from nearby factories got trapped by the many trees. These trees have preserved my health.


My most revered ukulele instrument made from wood by the name Koa is what I play during my leisure time. Apart from that I also own a piano. These instruments are made from wood and the different sounds they make are breathtaking.


Forests are homes to many wild animals and should therefore not be destroyed. Imagine someone coming to put down your home without any alert and for no reason other than for their benefit. That would leave you homeless and desperate. The same happens to these wild animals when we cut down trees and clear the forest due to our own selfish needs. These animals would have nowhere to go if their homes are put down. Most animals would die and become extinct if their homes are put down. We would have no heritage preserved in our pars and zoos. It is therefore essential to protect our natural environment.



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